Saturday, November 15, 2008

Je Suis Ici!

Pour le vrai.

I've never had time or the inclination to start one of these, but it seems my little plan is working.  When my friend Alina, in NYC asked me, "So what are you going to do in Montreal?"  I said, "Have dinner parties and draw more."  She said, "I really respect that," in her adorable Russian way.

Except for the drawing more part, it's working.  Ha.  I have done more art for art's sake, for pete's sake, up here.  Time is relative, as the man said, and it does seem to stretch out a bit here, letting one... breathe... And dream.  A lot of near forgotten plans and ideas have been bubbling back up into consciousness.

Halloween here was ridiculous and for me was three days long because I ended up meeting someone who was leaving for the mountains the next day and invited me along.  It also was complete with a surprise visit from Ching Chong Song, who played an awesome show here and made some friends. That's Julie in the picture above, on a bench with my friend Alain, with whom I went to the Laurentides, the mountains a couple hours north.

If I can work a little harder on my français, things will really be perfect.  They are perfect. I mean then they would be plus que parfait.

I was, however, sorry to miss the recent celebration in NYC.  My friend Claire Bowman reported to me that her subway ride home was complete with a car full of people holding a giant Obama banner that stretched the length of the car and singing the nation anthem together.  I heard multiple reports of newly proud citizens singing it all over the city.

Here are some pics, les rouelles, the alleys, here are kinda fascinating to me for some reason.
All for now.  Now for all.